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Jun. 13th, 2011

 june is kinda sucky. 
i shall start do some fasting. no sweet drink for this month.
haha. please dont judge.

Every End is A Beginning.

Its been 3 wonderful and memorable years in TP and Design School.
I have met so many great individuals and friends that i will remember forever.
When they say "TP is the place to be", they really mean it.
Because TP is probably the most vibrant Poly in Singapore and it really changed my life.

FOW/C and DOC are places where i learn and improve as a person. A place where we showcase the TP and Design spirit.
My last FO has been a really memorable one and its also the 1st time i cried in FO. (i really thought i wouldn't, but i did)
Eckton has been a great bunch of people, who really cares to make a different in the freshies' life.(thats why so many late night talks)
with many people i knew from Nexo, i fit easily in Eckton. and im so happy to have Pauline to be in the same empire with me for 4years, jac, shereen, shawn, huiya, sheryl, song, curly, ryan, vanessa, mandy and the rest of Eckton. Its been rally great working with you all. (again for some)
wish u all the best in your studies, work and play.

Design School has been a family and a home for me.
Every where we go, we know someone. Its almost like seeing another relative living under the same roof.
We play, we work, we joke, we prank, we fight, we have fun and we love.
But the ultimate place to bring us all together and shout design is DOC.
DOC11/12 has been a really good one. We achieve best spirited which we super deserve and at the end of the day, everyone enjoying the whole camp.
i won't say why i didn't cry but i want to say that i am really proud of everyone especially my empire, MA'WE.
Ma'we, you have done so well since DOTC1 and i am sure everyone would agree with me. It almost remind me of Reylon when we really shine from day1 of DOTC till DOC. even after camp, we are probably the most active one around. Well done Ma'we, and i am sure the others will be jealous of us.
like what the title suggest. what happen during camp are important but what carry on after camp are what really make a different.
To Jane and Felix. i am very proud of you 2. Both of you really outshine the other year2s and i hope you all learnt something ya.

And life continue after camp.
and now i really need a JOB.
anyone that has a lobang please let me know okay!

Feb. 16th, 2011

 give me a text when u see this.

8 more days.

messy messy messy.

everything will be a mess if u keep thinking about the mess.
though the mess is still a mess.
a mess dont disappear unless u clear the mess.
so dont think so much about the mess and clear the mess.
 thank you. haha.

fyp end in 9 more days.

Feb. 15th, 2011

 we use to see people shooting their model under the hot sun for colour and light. where is all this shit now?

should i get twitter?

HCNY - Rabbit


cny is getting boring year by year. probably because all of us are getting older.
and the elderly that treasure cny alot aren't much around anymore.

lots to expect in this year. with new page of life to be explored.
life after poly and life in ns. but before that, fyp will be back to haunt us.
time is moving so fast now and it remind me how we use to contradict ourselves.
i wish time can move faster when we were young and now i wish that time can move slower.
or actually the pace can be slower idk.

this new year, the top hit question on the billboard is " so do you have a gf?"
the question evolve as you get older right. *give the retard look*

Cheers to the new year. Haut ah.

long way ahead. (i want to play film again someday soon)
 wazzap. hello. moshi moshi. yourboobssayyo. 
retarded sia.

FYP wtf

seriously what is with FYP.
and why the lecturers so demoralising, contradicting and worse, not guiding well.

they dont encourage you to work better. and always putting you down. super not inspiring man.

they told us to pin up all we have even though its undone. then they say why we show unfinished work or work that is not good enough. make up your mind man! 

last. they should really check the dictionary for the work "guide". we are not hoping for them to give us an answer. but at least show some path and encourage us to move further. and not commenting on errors, errors and errors.

SIP is so much relaxing. but without the freedom, fun and laughter in studio.


i want to tear and cut something.
to release this i don't know what feeling inside me.
i want to drop something heavy like my washing machine out from my house.
to get this loud boom that will hit my heart in a single shot.
i want to swim the ocean.
to feel the exhaustion that race through my whole body.
i want to shut my door loudly.
to make everything around silent.

yea. i want to do so many things.

Nov. 9th, 2010

fyp so tiring.
redondo so tasty
something to nothing
how to fix it



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